Construction Management

Construction Management Services

Our construction management service offers peace of mind and ensures your project will be completed on time and within budget.

Experienced Project Management

We’re familiar with the complexities of managing retail construction projects, especially when problems arise. Our skilled Project Manager has 25 years of retail construction experience as a commercial property owner representative.


Turn-key Construction Management

We can be involved from the earliest stages of lease negotiations, help to create your scope of work and responsibilities, and provide preliminary budget estimates.

Once a project is authorized to move forward, we again review your construction requirements, place the project out for bid, work with bidding contractors to obtain quantifiable estimates, and present them to ownership for review.

Architectural Services

We can issue an AlA (American Institute of Architects) contract to the owner’s contractor of choice and monitor that all proper permits and lien waivers are received. We’ll also ensure that insurance and bonding (if necessary) requirements are met to owner’s standards. We will review all requests for payments, monitor progress for lease required deadlines, and follow-up to gain warranties, drawings, and other important documents for safekeeping. During this process, we work with owners or other architects to perform cursory reviews of drawings.

We can provide architectural services for an additional fee, if required.

No-Obligation Estimates

Nations Maintenance offers VERY competitive rates and we are flexible! We offer plowing and snow removal on a per-plow, hourly or seasonal basis.  Please give us a call to arrange a quote.